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Children talking in sleep

Children talking in sleep

Sleep Talking And Sleep Walking In Children - Important Facts Revealed

Author: Abhishek Agarwal

Sleep talking and Sleepwalking both belong to a group called 'Parasomnias' which are sleep disorders. It is not fully understood why it occurs, as it does not mean that your child has a psychological or physical problem which is causing this. Once a child is asleep, this will occur within one to three hours during deep sleep.

In children, sleep talking is more common than sleep walking, which do often happen at the same time. Children have a tendency to experience not just one or two, but all three types of parasomnias if it runs in their families.

The parents main concern is for their child's safety whilst they are sleepwalking. A child that is sleepwalking is not capable of making good judgement whilst he is up and about, as he would when he is awake and conscious, so injury is more likely to occur. Children who sleepwalk do not make much noise, so it is difficult for a parent to wake up when this is happening. Preventative measures need to be put in place to protect the child. The child's needs to be evaluated for any potential hazards. A sleepwalker should not have a bed that is too high or a bunk bed, which is totally out of the question. Before bedtime, obstacles such as books and toys should be picked up off the floor and tidied away. Check that all windows are locked and the bedroom door is closed, which will hopefully keep your child in their room and not wandering around the house. The parents may also consider putting alarm systems on the doors, windows and the sleepwalker's bed. Once a child reaches adolescence, the sleepwalking usually stops, although it is best to keep up the safety precautions.

Sleep talking is the more common problem in parasomnias. Some children that sleep talk can be easily understood as their words are clear when spoken. Others just mumble or make noises which are incoherent. Sometimes a child may appear upset and start talking loudly, so a parent should try to comfort them in some way and try not to wake them whilst doing so. They are best left alone if they are just talking, and you will probably find that the episode lasts a short time and your child is sleeping soundly again.

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